lc2500 Tungsten Copper

lc2500 tungsten copper


lc250 tungsten copper composite material is made of tungsten and copper, which combines the properties of high melting point, high hardness, low high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity coefficient of expansion, is a kind of good performance material.


lc250 tungsten copper composite material widely used in military high temperature materials, high-voltage switch with electrical alloy, EDM electrodes, microelectronic materials, as a parts and components is widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries. The main area is as following.

Advanced EDM Electrode Material
For carbide, high speed steel, high temperature super-hard alloy die to be produced for electrical erosion machining, the common electrode wear quickly, slow, but tungsten copper alloy with high speed corrosion, low loss rate, precise electrode shape, excellent processing performance, which could ensure the accuracy of the workpiece could greatly improved.

Advanced Welding Electrode Material
It combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc erosion, resistance welding and low closure, high strength, specific gravity, thermal conductivity and easy machining, having transpiration cooling and anti-adhesion characteristics, widely used to do a certain wear resistance, high temperature resistance spot welding, butt welding, butt welding and projection welding electrodes.

Applied Materials Electronic Field
Tungsten copper has high strength, good thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient, etc., so as a new type of electronic packaging materials favored by electronics engineers, are widely used in power electronics, such as rectifiers, thyristors, power modules, laser diodes and microwave tubes as well as used as computer CPU, DSP chips. Tungsten copper play an important role in microwave communications, automatic control, power conversion, aerospace and other fields. Currently, tungsten copper is mainly used in high-power microwave tubes, high-power laser diode heat sink and some high-power integrated circuit module.

Electrical Contact Materials
Tungsten copper electrical contacts on the high-pressure switch have been used for many years, particularly in the high-current high-voltage circuit breakers use a large amount. Such as high-pressure, oil-free, less oil circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers, disconnections, contactors and other heavy tasks.

Medical Equipment and High Density Material
According to the characteristics of tungsten copper, as an anti-X-ray and the G ray shielding material in the medical industry. Used as counterweight in civilian industry, such as mobile phones oscillator, automatic mechanical watches re-pituitary, the body of the golf club bar, darts and so on.

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