Tungsten Copper Board File

tungsten copper board file


Tungsten copper is a file fitter filing of tool steel, steel file sub-flat, round, square, angular, five and a half, flat to flat file also challenge the filing, circle is round file, square is square file, triangular file angle, half semicircle filing, the board filing can also be called flat file.

Since the board filing require high hardness, so commonly used file tungsten copper ratio of 85W ~ 90W + 15Cu ~ 10Cu, since the content of the tungsten related high hardness will be relatively high, and add some tungsten copper makes copper more easily processed into a file the shape of the board filing.


Tungsten copper alloy with advantages of copper and tungsten, which with high-strength, high specific gravity, high temperature resistance, electric arc ablation, good electric conductivity and good processing performance. High-quality tungsten powder and oxygen-free copper powder, applied isostatic pressing (high temperature sintering - copper infiltration), to ensure product purity and accuracy ratio, fine organization and excellent breaking performance good arc performance, good conductivity, good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion.


Preparation of tungsten powder metallurgy method of filing process for the copper milling - mixing ingredients - pressing - sintering infiltration solution - cold.

Tungsten copper file is after pressing by the mixed powder, liquid phase sintering at 1300-1500 °. Method of Preparation This material is uniformly bad, there are more closed the gap, the density is usually less than 98%, but by adding a small amount of nickel activated sintering, mechanical alloying or oxide reduction method for ultra-fine, nano powder sintering activity can be improved, thereby improving the tungsten copper, molybdenum copper alloy density. However, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity of nickel activated sintering material will significantly reduce the mechanical alloying will reduce the introduction of impurities into the material conductivity; oxide powder prepared by co-reduction, process cumbersome, low productivity, difficult to mass production.

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