Tungsten Copper Labtech

tungsten copper labtech


Tungsten copper labtech combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, because of its high thermal conductivity so that electric panels can heat rapidly. Compared to other metal materials, tungsten copper with superior thermal performance, long life, can greatly reduce costs.


- Mature pressing - sintering - infiltration process control, no holes inside the product

- Electrical conductivity and processing speed

- Good plasticity, easy processing


Tungsten copper plate mainly process is powder mixed - repression - sintering - infiltration routing. Tungsten copper mixed powder after pressing, the liquid phase sintering at 1300-1500 °. Method of Preparation This material is uniformly bad, there are more closed the gap, the density is usually less than 98%, but by adding a small amount of nickel activated sintering, mechanical alloying or oxide reduction method for ultra-fine, nano powder sintering activity can be improved, thereby improving the tungsten copper, molybdenum copper alloy density. However, nickel-activated sintering material makes electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity significantly lower mechanical alloying material will reduce the introduction of impurities conductivity; oxide powder prepared by co-reduction, process cumbersome, low productivity, difficult to mass production.

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