Tungsten Copper Laser Heat Sink

tungsten copper laser heat sink


Tungsten copper heat laser sink is an integrated circuit chip having a certain function is placed in a container with suitable housing, the chip to provide a stable working environment, protect the chip from less affected by the external environment, so that an integrated circuit having a stable normal function. At the same time the heat sink is chip-chip output, input connecting means outwardly transition, together with the chip to form a complete whole. The heat sink sheet material is required to have a certain degree of mechanical strength, good electrical properties, thermal properties and chemical stability, and according to different categories of integrated circuits and the use of premises, the choice of different package structures and materials.


Tungsten copper laser heat sink combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, both having low expansion characteristics of tungsten, but also has high thermal conductivity properties of copper, its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be varied by adjusting the tungsten copper component, while and coefficient of thermal expansion of silicon, gallium arsenide, and the ceramic material matches.

Technical Specifications

Grade Copper(wt.%) Tungsten(wt.%)  Density(g/cm³)  Conductivity (%IACS)  Thermal Conductivity (W/m²K)  CTE(10-6/K)
70W30Cu 30±2 Balance 13.80 42 ~240 ~9.7
75W25Cu 25±2 Balance 14.50 38 200~230  9.0~9.5
80W20Cu 20±2 Balance 15.20 34 190~210  8.0~8.5
85W15Cu 15±2 Balance 16.10 30 180~200 7.0~7.5
90W10Cu 10±2 Balance 16.80 28 160~180 6.3~6.8

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