Tungsten Copper Heat Base

What is Tungsten Copper Heat Base?

tungsten copper heat base pictureHeat base, also known as the piece of tungsten copper heat base. An heat base is the heat transfer of a component or assembly inside the solid material with a fluid medium, such as air or liquid. Tungsten copper heat base is mainly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat exchange of the automobile radiator (heat exchanger). The tungsten copper heat base also helps to cool the electronic and optoelectronic devices, such as high power laser and a light emitting diode (LED), the physical design of the electronic package sheet conducive cooling the surrounding fluid, such as the increase in the surface area exposed to the air. Accelerate the speed of the air flow, the thermal resistance of the choice of materials design and surface treatment, namely thermal performance of electronic packaging film, design factors. The application of the tungsten coppper heat base in the thermal management of electronic products, often on the computer's central processor (CPU) or the graphics processor. These basic attachment methods and thermal interface materials, it also affects the final at the junction, to disperse the temperature of the processor (S). Thermal paste (aka thermal grease) is added to the top of the heat sink to help cooling capacity. The experimental attribute value can determine the thermal performance of tungsten copper heat base.

Tungsten Copper Heat Base Application

A resistance welding electrode: a combination of the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc ablation, high intensity, than the major, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, easy machining and sweating Coolers characteristics, tungsten The high hardness, high melting point, the anti-adhesion characteristics, often used to do a certain wear resistance, high temperature resistance projection welding, butt welding electrode.

EDM electrodes: tungsten steel, high temperature super-hard alloy die need to electrolytic corrosion, the common electrode wear big, slow, tungsten copper electrical corrosion rate, low loss rate, the precise shape of the electrode, excellent processing performance can be greatly improved to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

High-pressure discharge tube electrodes: high voltage vacuum discharge tube at work, contact materials within a few tenths temperature rises several thousand degrees Celsius, tungsten copper ablation resistance, high toughness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity provide the necessary conditions to the discharge tube stable work performance.

Electronic Packaging Materials: low expansion characteristics of both tungsten, and having a high thermal conductivity properties of the copper, its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can adjust the composition of the materials be changed, thereby to provide a convenient use of the material.

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