Tungsten Copper Plasma Spraying



Tungsten copper plasma spraying is a kind of technique strengthening the material surface and surface-modified new multi-purpose precision spraying.


It uses plasma arc drove by DC as the heat source and has the following characteristics:
1. Ultra-high temperature characteristics, suitable for spraying refractory material;
2. High particle injection rate, the coating is dense and has higher bonding strength;
3. In the process of spraying, inert gas used as the shielding gas so that the coating material difficult to be oxidized.
Plasma spraying conducted with plasma arc, which is compressed arc, as compared with the free arc, it has many advantages, such as fine arc column, high current density, high gas ionization, high temperature, excellent energy concentration and arc stability, so is an ideal preparation for tungsten copper heat sink materials.


Plasma spraying technique can make the surface of the substrate with a high temperature oxidation, thermal insulation, anti-friction, wear and corrosion, insulation, radiation protection and sealing properties, which can heat metal, alloy and ceramics to molten or semi-molten state and spray to the surface after pretreatment at high speed to form a firmly attached layer. In addition, plasma spraying also can be used in medical field, the coating layer of a few microns in artificial bone surface coating can achieve enhanced affinity for artificial bone and the strengthening effect.

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