Tungstn Copper Processing Method

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Tungsten copper processing methods include many kinds, the main methods is sintered tungsten skeleton and infiltrating copper technology makes tungsten copper owns heat resistance, high electric and thermal conductive.

Tungsten Copper Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is the process of blending fine powdered materials, pressing them into a desired shape or form, and then heating the compressed material in a controlled atmosphere to bond the material.

Tungsten Copper High Temperature Liquid Phase Sintering

Tungsten copper high temperature liquid phase sintering is use the tungsten powder and copper powder by mixing, pressing, liquid phase sintering process for the system tungsten copper alloy.

Tungsten Copper Activation Of Liquid Phase Sintering

Tungsten copper activation of liquid phase sintering is in the use of tungsten copper alloy was added trace (0.1 to 0.5) a third metal element Pd, Ni, Co, Fe or the like means cause insoluble in copper tungsten phase is dissolved in the copper phase and in the liquid containing these metal elements 7-phase formed during sintering.

Tungsten Copper Superfine Powder Fully Dense Act

Tungsten copper superfine powder fully dense act is the series of W/Cu ultrafine composite powders were synthesized by sol-spray drying, calcination and subsequent hydrogen reduction process with reaction of ammonium paratungstate and copper nitrate.

Tungsten Copper Electrolytic Process

Tungsten copper alloy is composed of two kinds of many differences in physical and chemical properties and immiscible of tungsten and copper, is a kind of typical powder metallurgy products.

Tungsten Copper Hot Hydrostatic Extrusion

Tungsten copper hot hydrostatic extrusion is a kind of new manufacturing process based on powder metallurgy technology.

Tungsten Copper Thermochemical Method

Tungsten copper thermochemical method is also known as powder coating method, which doped with compound or compound solution and dried calcined to obtain the coated powder after reduction.

Tungsten Copper Plasma Spraying

Tungsten copper plasma spraying is a kind of technique strengthening the material surface and surface-modified new multi-purpose precision spraying.

Tungsten Copper SPS

Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is a kind of new sintering technology based on electrical discharge machining. It belongs to plasma sintering technology, which uses sparks and gap discharge to sinter in pressure.

Tungsten Copper CIP

Cold Isostatic Pressing, CIP, it refers to the isostatic pressing technique carried out at the room temperature. CIP usually uses rubber and plastics as mold wrapped materials, the liquid as the medium, the pressure is 100-630MPa, which mainly applied in powder molding.

Tungsten Copper Hot Pressing Sintered

Tungsten copper hot pressing sintered process of cold pressing method blank - vacuum sintering - canned hot extrusion. Because tungsten copper composite material has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, as electrical contacts, the discharge electrodes and electronic packaging materials are widely used in electrical and electronic fields.

Tungsten Copper Metal Injection Molding

Tungsten copper metal injection molding (MIM) is a new type of powder forming technology, which also called powder injection molding (PIM), it is a method combines by powder metallurgy and injection molding.

Tungsten Copper Rapid Directional Solidification

Tungsten copper directional solidification rapid preparation of tungsten copper alloy, so that between the solidifying metal and non-metal solidified to produce a specific temperature gradient, usually resulting in a higher degree of supercooling, so that solidification in a wide range of solubility, the solid obtained phase high content of alloying elements and grain refinement significantly fewer microscopic segregation.

Tungsten Copper Explosive Powder Compaction

Tungsten copper explosive powder compaction method is the use of explosive shock wave generated by the metal or non-metal sintering compacted powder processing technology.

Tungsten Copper Spray Drying Method

Tungsten copper spray drying method also called thermo-chemical synthesis method involves the preparation of the original solution and mixing, spray drying and fluid bed conversion in three stages.

Tungsten Copper Sol Gel Method

Tungsten copper sol gel method with hydrolysis and polymerization basic reaction, which are in preparation of high purity at a low temperature, evenly distributed, high chemical activity of single and multi-component mixtures.

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