Tungsten Copper Thermochemical Method

tungsten-copper-thermochemical- method


Tungsten copper thermochemical method is also known as powder coating method, which doped with compound or compound solution and dried calcined to obtain the coated powder after reduction.


Used tungsten trioxide and copper oxide as raw materials, both of them were uniformly mixed by a certain percentage, sieved and calcined in the calciner 2h, coated powder obtained after the reduction. Finally, press-molded under a certain pressure and sintered in muffle furnace.


From the microscopic point of view, Cu reduced precipitates with W particles and forms copper-cladded tungsten powder with fine grains. The close particle size and greater surface energy can effectively promote the densification. In fracturemorphology, compared with tungsten copper electrode fabricated by other processes, its natural tensile fracture shows significant transgranular fracture phenomenon. This is due to W powder will be welded and rearranged during sintering and the more complete crystallization, thereby forming a solid tungsten network skeleton, which greatly enhance the structural strength of tungsten copper alloy electrodes inside the organization.

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