Beryllium Copper Electrode

beryllium copper electrode picture


Beryllium copper electrode usually used in resistance welding, and after solid solution and aging treatment, its strength and wear resistance can reach the level of alloy steel. However, it has low soften temperature, which will soften at the temperature exceeding 823K. Therefore, it is not suitable for spot welding or seam welding electrodes with small contact area and high surface temperature, whether it will cause severe adhesion due to low thermal and electrical conductivity.


As a kind of welding electrode, beryllium copper electrode is one of the core components in contact welding machine, which plays an important role in conducting current to the welded parts. It requires high pressure, low resistance (contact resistance, conductivity resistance) and the ability to work under high temperature. At present, contact welder mainly includes common and flash butt welder. Using multivariate beryllium copper electrode can effectively improve the electrical conductivity and soften temperature, so the welding performance and the service life also be improved.


Compared with other copper alloy electrode, beryllium copper electrode has no internal porosity, inclusions, cracks and other defects, by vacuum melting, after casting, forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing can have better overall performance. Take phosphor bronze as example, it only can improve the strength by cold working instead of heat treatment. While beryllium copper can be easily obtain high elasticity and mechanical properties by simple heat treatment.

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