Beryllium Copper Rod

beryllium copper rod picture


Beryllium copper rod is a kind of alloy that consists of Be and Cu, which has perfect elasticity, strength and wear or corrosion resistance.


According to different ratio of Be and Cu, beryllium copper rod can be divided into processing and casting beryllium copper rod. Common used casting beryllium copper has Cu-2Be-0.5Co-0.3Si, Cu-2.6Be-0.5Co-0.3Si, Cu-0.5Be-2.5Co and other grades; the processing beryllium copper has Cu-2Be-0.3Ni, Cu-1.9Be-0.3Ni-0.2Ti other grades, domestic beryllium copper, 0.3% nickel, or cobalt 0.3%.


Casting beryllium copper rod is mainly used for a variety of explosion-proof tools, molds, bearings, bearings, bushings, gears and other components, and electrode; the processing beryllium rod is mainly used as a variety of advanced elastic element, particularly the elements requires good conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, cold-resistant, non-magnetic, such as film cartridge, diaphragm, bellows, micro switch and so on.

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