Beryllium Copper Spring

beryllium copper spring picture


Due to excellent relaxation resistance, wear resistance and radiation resistance, beryllium copper springs mainly used in EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).


The heat treatment of such high conductivity beryllium copper: At 900-950 ℃ high temperature insulation for some time, complete solution process; and then at 450-480 ℃ insulation 2-4h, precipitation achieve exsolution process. Since the alloy add more cobalt or nickel, which is formed as a multi-particle dispersion among cobalt or nickel and beryllium metal compound enhancement. To further enhance the strength of the alloy, often until after a solution heat treatment and aging heat treatment to a certain degree of cold working the alloy to achieve age-hardening and work hardening of the comprehensive strengthening effect. Its cold of generally not more than 37% of users will go through the material after solution heat treatment and cold-rolled made after parts of the heat treatment, thereby obtaining high-strength spring element.


Beryllium copper spring can be used in EMI / RFI or ESD wide electronic equipment. For various shielded room / door / cabinet doors / cover / printed board card / IC shielding. It can work well in a variety of environments, and can choose diverse electrochemical coatings to ensure compatibility with other contact surfaces. It will not burn, or not affected by ultraviolet rays. For these reasons, the best designers in the computer center machines, military navigation systems, receivers and other electronic devices are used beryllium copper spring for EMI shielding.

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