Tungsten Copper Ball Contact

tungsten copper ball contact


Ball contacts are widely used in low-voltage electrical, from the geometric point of view, it is in contact at one point that the contact point. Since only a little positive electrical contact, the contact force of the contacts do not need a lot, which can refer to the elastic deformation theory to analyze the performance of spherical contacts provide a realistic basis.

Need for contact with the contact, the apparent contact area equal to the area under the agreement closed state contacts. When the contact area of the contact material was a true elastic deformation, it can be used to calculate the relationship Hertz apparent contact area. By spherical contact force Fk in the role of the pressure in the plane of the contact up analysis, you can find the radius of the circular receiving area

Tungsten Copper Ball Contacts Resistance Effect Factors

1. Contact Pressure. It is the contact resistance Rj values have a major impact. Increasing the contact pressure of the role is to increase the effective contact area and contact points for maximum inhibition of the impact of the contact resistance of the surface film, so that the contact resistance and the shrink film resistors are reduced, which contacts the contact resistance is reduced somehow.

2. Contact Form. Clip type contact charging system uses a combination of dynamic compensation and the way multi-point contact structure, sub nail and plate types.

3. Material Properties. Nature constitutes electrical contact with the metallic material, directly affects the size of the contact resistance. The nature of these materials includes resistivity, mechanical strength and hardness and chemical properties of the material. When using contact material to reduce shrinkage resistance and film resistors considered.

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