Tungsten Copper Solid Rivet Contacts

tungsten copper solid rivet contacts


Tungsten copper solid rivet contact is a new kind contact, includes nailhead stratified and ends stratified. In order to reduce the costs, the tungsten material always composite necessary position in contact, and the matrix usually choose pure copper or other good conductivity material.

The selection of working layer material is greater flexibility than the overall tungsten rivet. Although the tungsten material has good electrical contact properties, as riveting process is poor, this is not suitable for the production of overall tungsten contact rivets. But the tungsten copper solid rivet contact is the best suitable material for rivet contacts.

Tungsten copper contact rivets used in the riveting process of continuous automatic production, after the riveting process does not require additional processing, it will not only simplify the manufacturing process of parts, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also improve the assembly precision and reliable element sex.


Tungsten copper contact rivets are mainly used in automotive electronics, household appliances, relays, contactors, thermostats, timers and electronic appliances. Can also be used for various current ratings contactors, various types of relays, unipolar, bipolar and multipolar switch, molded case air switch, switch leakage, DC fast switches, cam switches, auto exposure, auto-protect switch, light control switches, indoor thermostat, high breaking capacity miniature switches and relays and switching of the aviation industry.

Dimensions and Tolerances

Code Studded Diameter Studded Thickness Cladding Thickness Foot Diameter Foot Length Spherical Diameter Draft Angle
  2.5 0.6,0.8,1.0 0.3~0.4 1.2,1.5 1~2 4,6 9
3.0 0.8,1.0 1.2 0.35~0.50 1.50 6,8
3.5 1.50,2.0 1~3
4.0 1.0,1.2 1.5 2.0 8,10
4.5 2.0,2.5
5.0 1.0,1.2 1.5,2.0 0.40~0.60 2.5 10,15
5.5 2.5,3.0
6.0 3.0 15,20
6.5 1.2,1.5 2.0 0.50~0.70 3.0,3.5
7.0 3.5 20,25
8.0 4.0
Tolerance ±0.1 ±0.05 S≤0.4+0.06 S>0.4-0.06   ±0.15 ±0.2R ±2

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