Tungsten Copper Welding Button Contact

tungsten copper welding button contact


Tungsten copper welding button contact is a kind of contact with no shank. Buttons are brazed or welded to another part, whereas disks are welded or brazed to a backing. We make buttons and disks out of a variety of materials. Our various configurations can be utilized in a broad range of applications.

Chinatungsten Online manufactures tungsten copper welding button contact in China. This provides an exceptionally competitive cost production platform, with strong technology support and advanced manufacturing techniques that insure a consistent product with an excellent micro-structure and high density.

Our silver tungsten, silver tungsten carbide, copper tungsten and other welding button contacts are produced with strict quality controls at every step in the process. Carefully prepared powder blends are pressed, sintered and infiltrated to attain a specific microstructure and mechanical and chemical properties.


Applications include circuit breakers, transfer switches, power distribution and other high-energy devices. Tungsten copper welding button contact is an ideal for higher temperature applications such as electrical appliance thermostats, motor protectors and other applications. Bimetal and trimetal contact buttons designed to be welded to a blade or terminal. Silver and other materials hot bonded providing a superior bond between layers.


Tungsten copper welding button contact is provided with welding projection for easier welding which enables welding even on a thin base support.


1. It's cost effective, tungsten copper is used only at the contact area with a minimum thickness.

2. It's smaller in size, without compromising the electrical rating.

3. It's minimizes the number of components in the assembly.

4. It's long lasting due to greater electrical capacity.

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