Tungsten Copper Welding Tips

tungsten copper welding tips


Tungsten copper welding tips with the same shape of contact tip, also with the excellent properties. Since electric welding tip requires excellent conductive properties, so often choose good conductivity material, beryllium copper, chromium zirconium copper, copper alloy materials can also be used as tips. However, not only tungsten copper has excellent electrical conductivity, since the material contains tungsten, certain hardness, can greatly extend the service life, the tungsten copper alloy is the best choice.


Combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, tungsten, wherein the high melting point, high density, excellent thermal conductivity properties of copper. Make tungsten copper alloy microstructure uniform, high temperature, high strength, resistance to arc erosion, high density, moderate conductivity, thermal conductivity, is the best choice for electric welding tip.


Tungsten copper welding tip made by powder metallurgy preparation process, the detail is powder milling - mixing ingredients - pressing - sintering infiltration – cold process.

After pressing tungsten copper mixed powder, the liquid phase sintering at 1300-1500 °. Method of Preparation This material is uniformly bad, there are more closed the gap, the density is usually less than 98%, but by adding a small amount of nickel activated sintering, mechanical alloying or oxide reduction method for ultra-fine, nano-powder can improve the sintering activity, thereby increasing the density of tungsten and copper. However, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity of nickel activated sintering material will significantly reduce the mechanical alloying will reduce the introduction of impurities into the material conductivity; oxide powder prepared by co-reduction, process cumbersome, low productivity, difficult to mass production.

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