Tungsten Copper Combination Contact

tungsten copper combination contact


Tungsten copper combination contact, as the name suggests it is combined by tungsten copper with other material. As usual, the shank of contact is iron, and the end of contact is tungsten copper. Contract with general tungsten copper contacts, the advantage of combination contact is the lower costs. But it is very suitable for which some of industry only required high quality in the end of contact, the combination contact could save much costs but also with high properties.


Chinatungsten Online always use vacuum infiltration method to making contacts. Binding surface of the base body and the copper surface are to rely on tungsten and copper diffusion into the two elements to each other, bonding strength between the two is very high, will not crack under high temperature electric arc. Tungsten copper base material as resistant to arc erosion of the face, really implement two different composite materials.


Tungsten copper is choose tungsten as a skeleton, and filled in a copper composite material composition within the pores of the skeleton, skeleton guarantee its high melting point of contact compressive strength, resistance to arc erosion, not only to improve the conductivity of copper, thermal conductivity and improved processing performance, and when the high temperature arc evaporation can absorb a lot of heat from the arc, improve conditions and reduce galvanic action.

Tungsten copper alloy electrician its high density, high thermal conductivity, high strength and hardness, low resistivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and the resistance to arc burning resistance, welding resistance, electric corrosion resistance and other properties and in electrical contact material advantages of the electrode material is applied on the other material in the short term can not replace.

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