Tungsten Copper Projection Welding Electrode

tungsten copper projection welding electrode


Tungsten copper projection welding electrode is mainly used in welding low carbon and low alloy steel stampings. There are many different types of projection welding, projection welding except board, there are nuts, bolts Parts of projection welding, wire cross projection welding, projection welding pipe and plate T type projection welding and so on.


1) Within a welding cycle simultaneously welding multiple joints. Not only the productivity is high, and there is no diversion. So pads may be arranged on the narrow part of the pitch without limitation.
2) Since the current density is set in the bumps, current density, it can be used for welding small current, and reliably form smaller nugget. In the spot welding, corresponding to a certain thickness is formed smaller than a certain size to the nugget is difficult.
3) The position of the bump accurate, consistent size, the strength of the points more evenly. Therefore, for a given intensity, projection welding spot welding solders footprints below.
4) As a result of the large planar electrodes and pads are provided on a workpiece, it is possible to minimize the indentation on the exposed surface of the other workpiece. At the same time a small current density of planar electrodes, heat, and wear tear is much smaller than the spot welding electrodes, thus greatly reducing maintenance and repair costs of the electrodes.
5) Compared with spot welding, the impact of the workpiece surface oil, rust, scale, coatings and other coatings for projection welding is small, but clean and still obtain a more stable surface quality.


1) One or more times for precast bumps require additional steps.
2) When one of the electrodes at the same time with the same number of welding joints, alignment, and bump workpiece dimensions (especially height) must maintain close tolerances in order to ensure a uniform electrode force and welding current to the respective pads uniform quality.
3) A plurality of simultaneously welded joints requires the use of high pressure electrode, high-power mechanical precision welding, pressing his body should follow a higher mobility.

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