Tungsten Copper Sealing Weld Electrode

tungsten copper sealing weld


The trajectory of tungsten copper sealing weld electrode is seam-like, so it also known as seam welding electrode or parallel sealing weld electrode, which is one kind of resistance welding electrode.


In the process of sealing welding process, electrode are moving and rotating at same time (through electrode wheels), under constant pressure chopping energization between the electrodes, due to the contact resistance between the electrode plate and the cover plate and the frame and welding, the welding current in the contact resistance at the two Joule heat is generated, so that it is locally formed between the cover plate and frame molten solder to form solder after solidification. Therefore, except the materials of contact tips, there are many factors affecting the quality of sealing weld, such as welding current (voltage, power), welding pressure and welding speed.


It is generally in vacuum or nitrogen atmosphere, tungsten copper sealing weld electrode can better ensure the hermeticity. Currently, tungsten copper sealing weld electrode mainly used for:
1. Crystal resonator industry: processed into packer module, semi-oscillations and the like;
2. Transistor packaging industry: processed into sealing mold electrode;
3. Suitable for Kovar, welding nickel-plated, gold-plated surface of the workpiece material.

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