Tungsten Copper Spot Welding Electrode

tungsten copper spot welding electrode


Tungsten copper spot welding electrode plays an important role in ensuring the quality of spot welding, which includes conductivity, transfer the pressure and rapidly scatter the heat in the welding area.


1. High machining accuracy, the small area of the welding sharp;
2. Low voltage required, high-performance welding and good welding stability;
3. High torsional strength can effectively ensure the quality and precision of processing;
4. Small welding seam, good consistency and not easily to be pseudo soldered.


1. Special conditions for improving the contacted resistance and heat dissipation, capacitor discharge welder using large current and short energizing time can be relatively large weld the workpiece large in thickness;
2. Use electrode with different diameter and the small one used in the thin plate or the one with good performance in electrical and thermal conductivity in order to increase the current density and reduce the effect of electrode heat dissipation this side;
3. Use different electrode materials or conductive sheets, one side of the workpiece with good thermal conductivity is poor heat conductivity of copper alloy, to reduce heat loss that side;
4. Use gasket (poor performance in thermal conductivity, thickness is between 0.2-0.3mm) to reduce the heat on this side.

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