Tungsten Copper Iron Composite Electrode

What is Tungsten Copper Iron Composite Electrode

Tungsten copper iron composite electrode also called tungsten copper petiole electrode. One end of the material is tungsten copper alloy, the other end is a relatively high tensile strength steel. Tungsten copper with iron composite is developed in response to customer requirements, a new process technology, using a complex method of manufacturing the pressure. Combined with the end face of tungsten, copper and iron close no holes, the overall low contact resistance, and high tensile strength. Tungsten copper composite electrode material is copper, steel two materials by explosive welding composite, combined with high strength, good electrical conductivity, direct sawing, milling and grinding. In the discharge machining precision parts IC, which is a good overall performance copper electrode can not be replaced, to improve the processing accuracy of parts and reduce overall costs is the most important feature of this material. This material has been widely used in foreign countries, our company can be customized with different ways of complex products according to customer requirements.

tungsten copper iron composite electrode picture

Tungsten Copper Iron Composite Electrode Superimposition

1, The thickness of the tungsten, copper and iron superposition
2, The width of the superposition of tungsten, copper and iron
3, Cylindrical tungsten, copper and iron superposition
4, Tungsten, copper and iron inner circle superimposed
5, Different tungsten content gradient is superimposed

Tungsten Copper Iron Composite Electrode Application

1, Used to solve high-temperature industrial applications, high conductivity requirements.
2, Used in EDM electrodes, could increasing the efficiency.

Tungsten Copper Iron Composite Electrode Advantages

Composite Electrode tungsten copper and iron-binding, to prevent this process uses conventional welding complex in the presence of pores, cracks problems. Tungsten copper and iron composite electrode is tungsten, copper, iron two composite materials, high upon binding strength, good electrical conductivity.
1, With reasonable tungsten, copper, iron, mechanical properties make it more reasonable and easier to use. Small precision machining electrode deformation problems have been a good solution;
2, The electrodes may be directly adsorbed on magnetic bench grinding its flatness after processing, surface finish and dimensional accuracy than other processing methods can not reach. Utmost superiority in processing large plane electrodes;
3, The reference electrode grinding after reproduction is good, especially for a combination of work processes need more electrodes;
4, A plurality of electrodes can be processed simultaneously, can greatly improve work efficiency;
5, The loss of the electrode can be reused after grinding, usage rate, a substantial increase in work efficiency and reduce processing costs
6, Iron magnetic favor fixed on magnetic base so that the processing time to ensure accuracy.

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