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High Strength and High Conductivity Copper Tungsten Alloy The microstructure and related properties of the high strength and high conductivity tungsten copper alloy which was prepared by loose packing and infiltration method with the average tungsten granularity of 50nm and 7μm as well as 99. 9% purity were investigated.

Manufacture Methods of Tungsten Copper Composites Several kinds of methods to prepare tungsten copper composite are discussed in this paper, the advantage and disadvantage of every method are analyzed in details.

Fabrication of Tungsten Copper Functionally Gradient High density W Cu functionally gradient material was fabricated by particle size distribution method and hot press. The effects of sintering temperature, pressure, holding time on the density, hardness and microstructure of the gradient materials were investigated.

Preparation of WCu Composite Powders by Sol-Gel Method WCu composite powders were prepared by the sol-gel method with Cu(NO3)2•3H2O and (NH4)6H2W12O40•5H2O as raw materials and citric acid as chelating reagent.

Microstructure and Properties of Cu/WCu/Cu Thin Sheet In order to reduce defects and improve the mechanical and electrical properties of W-Cu thin sheet under pressure process, a new Cu/WCu/Cu ultra-thin sheet with three-layer sandwich structure was designed.

Fabrication and Application of WCU Graded Material The preparation methods of WCU FGM, including the plasma spray coating technology, the powder metallurgical method and plasma sprayed coating method are introduced.

Some Aspects of Debinding for WCU Mental Injection Molding The debinding properties of MIM feedstock using the wax based binder were studied.

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