Tungsten Copper Application

WCu composite materials since the 20th century, 30 years since the advent of a long period of time is mainly used for various types of high voltage electrical switch electrical contact. It is because of the high WCu composite ablative properties of compressive strength and electrical resistance, so that the pressure level of high-voltage electrical switches and the use of power continue to improve and become a high-voltage electrical switches in the indispensable key material. To 60 years, WCu material as resistance welding and EDM electrodes and space technology in high-temperature materials exposed to high temperature gas phase are applied. But until the 80's, with the WCu materials, production process improvements and improving the quality of WCu composite material that is to obtain more extensive and sophisticated applications. 90 20th century, with the large scale integrated circuit and the development of high-power electronic devices, WCu material as the upgrading of the products began to do large-scale use of electronic packaging and heat sink material.

With the WCu material development of new applications each time, its quality and performance have put forward a new and higher requirements, but also to promote the new WCu Materials Preparation process of continuous development. However, the WCu material is a typical pseudo alloys, tungsten and copper are not due to compatibility, the whole sintering densification difficult, the larger the porosity, so the thermal conductivity of materials, gas tightness and mechanical properties have great adverse effects. By using conventional powder metallurgy process WCu composite materials prepared by the existence of coarse microstructure, residual porosity, large; material microstructure homogenization incomplete; product shape, size restrictions and other issues, and thus can not maximize material potential. In recent years, materials scientists of the system WCu composite materials technology and new applications to take a great deal of exploration and research efforts to adapt to new technology requirements.

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