Tungsten Copper EFP Liner

What is EEP?

EEP means explosively formed projectile are shaped charge. Using cone angle greater than 120 ° ball cover missing or hyperbolic Liner and other shaped charge when the charge exploded, the explosion load Liner crushed, formed after the explosion flipped and closure formed projectiles.

Effect of explosively formed projectile penetrating power, there are many factors, one of the shots are important factors. At present, foreign munitions explosion liner material forming a lot of research, iron, copper, tantalum, depleted uranium, tungsten - copper alloy is a good candidate. Iron and copper, plastic, but low density, so that the kinetic energy of the projectile is formed is reduced, thereby reducing its target plate penetration force. Depleted uranium has a high density and good ductility, but radioactive, harmful effects on the human body. Tantalum has excellent overall performance of high-density, high dynamic extension rate. Studies have shown that, at the same quality, the same aspect ratio condition, penetration performance tantalum than copper by 30% to 35%. But the drawback is tantalum expensive, high cost, limited.

tungsten copper EFP liner picture

Advantages of Tungsten Copper EFP Liner

W-Cu material having a higher density and strength, mainly used in the current foreign Shaped drug type cast. Studies have shown that three high-caliber bomb under conditions comparable depth of its armor Cu Liner material increased by about 30%. Therefore, W-Cu composite explosive forming Liner munitions will also have great potential.

Scientists have studied the preparation and formability 30W-Cu EFP liners of. Ordinary tungsten powder, copper powder and ultrafine preparing two tungsten-copper composite powders of different bars, and then test the performance forged bars, final selection of material for producing a forged good performance EFP liners. Studies have shown that: the ordinary tungsten powder, copper powder prepared material has good pressure processing performance; prepared density 30W-Cu EFP liners materials 98.2% of theoretical density, tensile strength after annealing material reaches 315 MPa, elongation rate was 15.3%.

By experiment under the same sintering conditions, ultrafine tungsten-copper composite powders prepared density material is superior to the use of the material prepared in the ordinary powder, but the material of ordinary powder preparation has better pressure processing performance.
It can significantly increase the density of tungsten-copper sintered materials by forging, annealing after forging 30W-Cu EFP Liner material density up to 98.2% of the theoretical density. After the heat treatment the tensile strength of the material reaches 315 MPa, elongation rate was 15.3%.

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