Tungsten Copper Military Ring


Tungsten copper ring not only has excellent tensile strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, but also can take away the most part of heat and reduce the military parts working temperature.


Tungsten copper rings generally use high-quality tungsten powder and oxygen-free copper powder, applied isostatic pressing high-temperature sintering, copper infiltration process to ensure product purity and the ratio of accurate, uniform and dense tissue. Compared with common copper and copper alloy, it has higher density, higher strength, arc erosion resistance, lower electrode consumption, higher accuracy, but poor machinability.

tungsten copper military ring photo   tungsten copper military ring picture


Due to tungsten copper pseudo alloy characteristics, the most widely used processes include high-temperature liquid phase sintering, infiltration, activated liquid phase sintering, mechanical alloying and co-reduction.
Mechanical alloying: After high-energy ball milling, to achieve tungsten copper powder sintering accordingly;
Thermochemical: it is also called coated powder, based on copper wrapped, and its oxides, compound or compound solution both doped together, dried calcined powder coated after the reduction in the system;
Co-reduction: After mixing, pressing, molding of tungsten and copper oxide powder, sintered in reducing atmosphere.

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