Tungsten Copper Guide for Electromagnetic Gun


The guide of electromagnetic gun is made by tungsten copper, which uses the magnetic field by strong current and Lorentz force to accelerate the metal missile. Compared with traditional gunpowder propelled artillery, electromagnetic gun has higher speed and wider range.


1. Coilgun: also known as AC coaxial coil gun. It is the earliest form of guns, the projectile acceleration coil and coil. According to the principles of interaction in the magnetic field of the coil is energized and work;
2. Rail guns: it consists of two parallel long straight rail (copper tungsten), with a mass smaller place between the rail slider as the projectile. When the two-track access to power, a strong current from flowing into the rail, the rail slide back into another time from the strong magnetic field generated between the two guide planes through current slide under the action of Ampere force, the projectile will with great speed (the speed of light is theoretically possible to sub-velocity of light) injection, which is the principle launching rail guns, guns rail gun is the most common pattern;
3. Electric guns: the principle is different from the coil gun and rail gun, which uses a general barrel, the inner tube is provided with plasma to the electrode on the burner, the burner is installed at the end after the gun breech. When the plasma burner between the two poles plus high pressure, it will produce an arc, so that the plasma generating material placed between the poles (such as polyethylene) and evaporated. After evaporation material becomes superheated high-pressure plasma, so that the projectile acceleration;
4. Reconnection gun: a multi-stage acceleration of non-contact electromagnetic launchers, not the barrel, but requires projectile gun before entering the reconnection should be a certain initial velocity and it is the latest development in the form of guns.


1. Gun uses electromagnetic force work done as a transmission of energy; it does not produce a strong shock wave and diffuse the smoke, which has a good concealment;
2. It can adjust the range according to the distance of target and proper energy;
3. The projectile has small size and light weight so that it has small air resistance, perfect emission stability, high initial speed and long range;
4. All guns emission process is controlled by computer and equipped with a laser-guided warheads, or other guidance device, it has a high shooting accuracy.

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