Tungsten Copper Contact for Oil Breaker


Tungsten copper contact for oil breaker uses sealed insulating oil as the interrupting fault of the arc medium, generally divided into two types of more oil circuit breaker contacts and less oil circuit breaker contacts. It plays a role in switch power on/off and cut off the current when short circuit, which can be widely used in every voltage level of power grid.


When the oil circuit breaker circuit working, as long as the current in the circuit more than 0.1A, the voltage exceeds a few dozen volts, circuit breaker between the tungsten copper moving contact and the static contact will appear arc, and the current through the arc flow continuously, only when the contact between the separation of a sufficient distance, the arc is only off after the circuit. When tungsten copper contacts are separated from each other, the arc is heated to a temperature higher than that of the insulating oil vaporized and thermally decomposed to form a gas (mainly hydrogen) with strong arc-extinguishing ability.


According to the different insulation of the ground, it can be divided into grounding box multi-oil circuit breaker contacts and charged oil box breaker circuit breaker contacts.
Multi-oil circuit breaker contacts: the arc chamber is installed in a grounded metal box, usually with more oil. Oil is used as both arc-quenching medium and for insulation. With the advantages of simple structure and reliable performance, it can be made into super high pressure grade (such as 362kV), and it can be conveniently used with current transformer, and it is also suitable for outdoor use with little impact on atmospheric condition.
Less oil circuit breaker contacts: the arc chamber is installed in the tank insulation with the earth. Oil is only used as insulation medium and inter-fracture insulation, and not for insulation to the ground, with less oil. Compared with the multi-oil circuit breaker, the small oil circuit breaker is small in size, light in weight and low in oil consumption. It can be assembled into extra-high pressure oil-less circuit breaker and is widely used in the power system.

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