Tungsten Copper Rod Thermal Conductivity


Tungsten copper thermal conductivity is that when the vertical temperature gradient down 1 ℃ / m, the heat through unit horizontal cross-sectional area per unit time pass, which is represented by λ or K.


Tungsten copper rod thermal conductivity makes no difference to the pressure, but greatly influenced by the temperature. Most of thermal conductivity of pure metal and liquid decrease with increasing temperature, but water is an exception; thermal conductivity of non-metal and gas increase with increasing temperature. Typically access to the material value average temperature when the heat transferring calculations. In addition, thermal conductivity of solid materials is also related with its moisture content, porosity and structure.

copper tungsten rod photocopper tungsten rod photo


The study of tungsten copper rod thermal conductivity also provides a solid theoretical foundation the development of new materials and thermal insulation materials. And it also provides a strong theoretical and material support for space exploration activities and marine exploration activities in the future. In addition, tungsten copper material has high thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties, which can perfectly solve the radiating problem of electronics in next few years.

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