Tungsten Copper Rod Impact Toughness


Tungsten copper impact toughness reflects the resistance to external impact load and generally represented by ak or Ak, the units of J/cm2 and J (joule).


The practical significance of impact toughness indicator is to reveal the brittle tendency of material. According to the temperature of impact test, it can be divided into three types, room temperature, low temperature and high temperature impact test; and according to the gap shape it also can be divided into V-shaped and U-shaped.

copper tungsten rod photocopper tungsten rod photo


Impact toughness ak represents the ability to deform and fracture resistance under material impact loading. Generally, the material with low ak called as brittle materials and high ak called as ductile materials. ak value depends on the material and its state, and have a great relationship with the specimen shape and size. ak value is sensitive to the defects of internal structure and the changes of the microstructure, such as inclusions, segregation, bubbles, internal cracks, temper brittleness of steel, grain coarsening will all increase the ak value. For samples of the same material, the deeper the gap, the more intense, the greater the stress concentration at the gap, the easier deformation and fracture, the smaller impact energy, the higher the material manifested brittleness. So ak or Ak value can not be compared between different types and sizes.

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