Tungsten Copper Contact for Air Breaker


Tungsten copper contact for air breaker is an important component in low-voltage distribution network and electric drive system, which can prevent it from overloading based on contacting and breaking circuit.


When the general overload circuit, the overload current can not make the electromagnetic release of action, but can make the heat element to produce a certain amount of heat, to promote the bimetal heating up bending, push the lever to hook and lock release, the tungsten copper The main contact breaking, cut off the power. When the line short-circuit or serious overload current, short-circuit current exceeds the instantaneous trip setting current value, the electromagnetic release to produce a large enough suction, the armature to attract and hit the lever, so that the hook around the shaft seat rotation and lock release, The buckle under the action of the reaction force spring will be three main contact breaking, cut off the power.


According to different applications, tungsten copper air breaker can be divided into main contact, auxiliary contact and alarm contact.
1. Main contact: In the event of a serious overload or short circuit fault, the coil in series with the main circuit will produce a strong electromagnetic attraction to the armature to attract the top of the open hook, so that the main contact disconnected. When the power supply voltage returns to normal, it must be re-closed to work, which achieves the pressure loss protection;
2. Auxiliary contact: It is the circuit breaker main circuit point, a mechanical linkage on the mechanical contact, mainly for the circuit breaker sub-state display, connected to the circuit breaker control circuit through the circuit breaker of the separation, the implementation of related electrical control or interlock; 3. Alarm contact: Mainly used for the circuit breaker load overload short circuit or other fault free tripping.

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