Tungsten Copper FGM Flexural Strength


Tungsten copper FGM flexural strength refers to the capability of resistance to external force. Generally, it uses three-point bending test or four-point test method for evaluation.


1. Mechanical properties: The performance of the material by external force;
2. Stress: The reaction material inside to external force. The magnitude of the stress by the following equation: stress (δ) = Effect (F) / unit area of material (A), in units of Pa;
3. Strain: The deformation of material caused by external force. Strain magnitude represented by the following equation: strain (ε) = length change (△L) / initial length (L);
4. Tensile stress, compressive stress, shearing stress.


The flexural strength of W-Cu gradient composites with different layers as the pressure-receiving surface on different surfaces is the flexural strength of different surface. Three-layer and four-layer structure of the gradient composite material to use W-50Cu for the bearing surface, the flexural strength obtained higher than that with W-20Cu as the pressure bearing surface, which shows that the mechanical properties of FGM show a gradient change along the direction of Cu content increasing. In addition, four-layer structure of the gradient material has higher interface bonding strength and smaller residual stress so the resistance to destruction is much better.

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