Tungsten Copper Military Parts


Tungsten copper military parts also called as accessories, are a series of tungsten copper products, such as rods, plates, heat sinks, and some special-shaped parts. It has excellent heat resistance and ablation resistance and plays an important role in military application.

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Tungsten copper military parts have higher requirements than common copper alloys and the cost is also higher. Generally, the content of W should higher than 89%, which can meet the hot hardness and the coefficient of thermal expansion requirement in military fields.

Grade Proportion(wt%) Mass Density(g/cm3) Relative Density(%T.D) CTE(ppm/K) Thermal Conductivity(W/m·K)
W90Cu 90±1 17.0 ≥99 5.6-6.5 180-190
W85Cu 85±1 16.3 ≥99 6.3-7.0 190-200
W80Cu 80±1 15.4 ≥99 7.6-9.1 200-220


Tungsten copper military parts have tungsten copper circular pier, tungsten copper rod, tungsten copper sheet, tungsten copper ring, tungsten copper heat sink and some other special-shaped parts. Circular pier, rod and sheet are belong to the base materials, which can be further cutting, milling or CNC processing to obtain the shape, the structure and performance required; the ring is mainly inlayed in the part or the connection of rod and tube which endures high temperature; The heat sink takes advantage of evaporating Cu removing the most part of heat, which can be widely used in RF, microwave, high power diode. In addition, there are some more specific and professional tungsten copper military parts, such as tube, throat insert, gas vane, linear.

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