Tungsten Copper Contact for SF6 Breaker


Tungsten copper contact for high-voltage breaker is kind of oil-free switchgear that uses SF6 gas as arc quenching medium and insulating medium. It has better performance in arc extinguish and insulation than oil circuit breaker and has high requirement of application, management, operation of SF6. So it main used for the voltage level of 110kv.


1. Porcelain column structure: It also known as blocks, a plurality of identical unit interrupters and pillar insulators can be used to form the circuit breakers of different voltage levels. The circuit breaker consists of three independent single-phase and one hydraulic, electrical control cabinet. Each phase consists of two pillars of porcelain sets of four interrupters (fracture) in series. In each pillar porcelain top of the unit is equipped with two unit interrupter, 120 ° angle V-shaped arrangement, the two parallel capacitors are arranged horizontally.
2. Tank structure: Using the advantages of box-type multi-oil circuit breaker, the circuit breaker and the transformer together, compact structure, anti-seismic and anti-fouling ability. It is generally three-phase split-type, single-phase from the base, insulated porcelain casing, current transformers and single-break interrupter with the shell composition. Each phase is equipped with a hydraulic mechanism and a control cabinet which can be operated individually and can be operated in three phases by means of electrical control.


1. As insulating gas, SF6 has many advantages, is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, non-flammable inert gas and has performance in cooling arc. Especially cooling effect under high arc temperature;
2. The chemical effect of SF6 gas itself is very stable, and has a very high dielectric strength;
3. Blocking effect: give full play to the effect of air blowing arc, interrupter small size, simple structure, breaking current, arc time is short, breaking capacitor or inductor current without re-ignition, over-voltage;
4. Long electrical life: 50kA full capacity of continuous breaking up to 19 times, the cumulative breaking current up to 4200kA, maintenance cycle is long, suitable for frequent operation;
5. Good sealing performance: SF6 gas has lower water content, arc chamber, resistance and pillar into separate air separation, on-site installation without opening, after installation with automatic connection; installation easy maintenance, and to prevent dirt and moisture Into the circuit breaker inside.

tungsten copper contact picture tungsten copper contact picture

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