Tungsten Copper Rod Density


The mass of some substance per unit volume is called density of this material, which is a reflection of the physical properties of the material in physics. Tungsten copper rod density is a kind of feature itself, which does not change with mass or volume.


Based on the principle of ρ=m/V, the measurements of tungsten copper rode density include weighing, pyknometer method, Archimedes' principle, floating method, densitometer method.
1. Weigh the mass of metal block by balance, record as m;
2. The amount of water injected into the cylinder, readout volume V1;
3. Get the block out and put the beaker on the balance and weigh out the beaker and the remaining water mass m3.

copper tungsten rod photocopper tungsten rod photo


1. Identify the components of the materials: The density of the measured density and density tables comparing various substances, so we can identify what the object substance is;
2. Calculate the content of the substances contained;
3. Calculate the mass or volume of the object, which has mass difficult to weigh and difficult shape: According to a variant form of the density formula: m = Vρ or V = m / ρ, can calculate the mass and volume of the object, especially some inconvenience to directly measure the mass and volume of the object;
4. Determine the object is solid or hollow;
5. Calculate the internal pressure and buoyance of fluid (density can be calculated cylinder pressure);
6. Identify the unknown substance: Calculate the gas density combined with spectral analysis confirmed that new gas.

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