Tungsten Copper for Low Voltage Electrode Contact

Tungsten Copper for Low Voltage Electrode Contact Application

Low Voltage Electrode Contact Application-1
Automotive electrical contacts
Car electrical contacts are typically pure tungsten rod cutting, brazed tungsten the surface oxide layer, if long-term placement will produce automotive electrical failure phenomenon tungsten copper alloy rod to ensure that the contact has good electrical conductivity, resistance to arc erosion and oxidation-resistant performance.

Low Voltage Electrode Contact Application-2
Medical equipment with discharge board
The human crusher, pulse ray generator equipment in high-voltage, high-current discharge electrodes, tungsten copper alloy with copper one way of making, not only to ensure good electrical conductivity of the electrode, arc erosion resistance, and solve the electrodes connectivity issues.

Low Voltage Electrode Contact Application-3
The Overall Electrical Contacts
The arc current 380V contactors, switches, etc. used finger brazing copper and contacts connections occurred often in the process of using high temperatures lead to melting of the brazing layer to produce U-turn phenomenon. Tungsten copper produced by the method of the overall sintered integrally arc contact means to solve the above problems, and to reduce the production processes.

Low Voltage Electrode Contact Application-4
Other applications
Tungsten-copper alloy has a high melting point, high electrical conductivity and good ablation resistance; it can be used in many electrical fields.

tungsten copper contact phototungsten copper contact photo

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