Tungsten Copper Density Test

Tungsten Copper Density Test Procedure

1, Except Gas
For larger, better surface quality and dense pressure processing specimens, can be soaked in ethanol wet, then rinsed with distilled water and use it to boil 3 ~ 5min; for smaller size, surface area, surface roughness or more of the sample micro-cracks, wet after cleaning should be placed filled with measurements evacuated degassing cup with distilled water until the sample surface light bubbles or little bubbles up. Evacuated after degassing, the water temperature will be reduced, to try to bring it back to its original temperature. Also use other effective degassing methods.
2, Water Weighing
Depending on the quality and size of the sample, select the appropriate balance and spreader. First water samples were weighed on the spreader (m '), and then remove the sample is placed in a base, a separate water spreader weighed (m' '). When the sample volume 0.3cm3 rain picked up, the water should be weighed at least twice.
When weighing the water, due to the surface tension and resistance to the action of water, not only makes sense to reduce the amount of the balance, and the balance of the equilibrium position will be affected by water, it must be weighed amount of sense when reading the amendment. Recommended level slight perturbation method, to reach the correct equilibrium position.
3, Temperature Measurement
Preferably the water temperature of the water was weighed before and after the average temperature of the two measurements. Also it must be desirable to measure the temperature between the two water weighing and which is as water temperature (t).
4, Quality Measurement
The sample was removed drying, was measured using the same balance mass (m) After cooling, the measurement accuracy should not be less than 0.001%.

Tungsten copper density measurements to calculate as following
Density of the sample is calculated according to the following calculation:
P = mp '/ (m-m' + m '')
Calculation formula:
p = density at temperature t of the sample: g / cm3
m = mass of the sample in air: g
m '= sample is placed on the water spreader weight value: g
m '' = spreader water weight value: g
p '= water density of water at the temperature t: g / cm3

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