Tungsten Copper FGM Particle Co-sedimentation

At present, tungsten copper FGM mainly uses laminated sintering, but it does not eliminate internal interface between layers. So regardless of the operability of the preparation process, or thermal stress relaxation, it has great defects. And other methods, such as CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), high temperature plasma spraying, although can improve the internal interface to some extent, it is unstable and difficult to achieve gradient design. Tungsten copper FGM particle Co-sedimentation can achieve a continuous arrangement of heterogeneous particles and component transition, Improve or eliminate the internal macroscopic cross-section of the material, which is beneficial for structural controlling of FGM.

The settling velocity of the spherical particles under the action of gravity is related to the size and density of the particles. It can be speculated that under certain conditions, the same kind of powder sedimentation, the large particles of rapid settlement; and for different types of powder, larger particle and high density has rapid settlement. Therefore, the settling behavior of the two powders can be controlled by adjusting the sedimentation parameters and selecting the proper powder characteristics for the given two kinds of powders, and the gradient material with continuous distribution of the components can be prepared. FGM by this method has many advantages, such as simple operation, gradient material with good scale so that it has been becoming one of important developing direction of FGM field.

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