Tungsten Copper Electrode for Butt Welding


Tungsten copper electrode for butt welding uses resistance heat to weld entire workpiece and has high productivity and is suitable for automation. It can be divided into two types of flash butt welding and resistance butt welding.


Resistance butt welding: Two workpiece are always pressed, uses resistance heat to the plastic state of heat, and then quickly apply forging pressure (or not to increase the forging pressure to keep the welding pressure) to complete the welding. It is similar to spot welding, the contact resistance of resistance butt welding depends on the surface condition, temperature and pressure of the contact surface. Oxygen inclusions are easily produced in resistance welded joints. For the welding quality requirements of rare metals, some alloy steel and non-ferrous metals, often using argon, helium and other protective atmosphere to solve;
Flash butt welding: It can be divided into continuous flash butt welding and preheating flash butt welding. Continuous flash butt welding has two main phases: the flash stage and the forging stage. Preheat flash butt welding only adds warm-up phase before the flash phase. Pure copper flash butt welding, it is difficult to form a liquid metal layer at the end and maintain a stable flash process, it is difficult to obtain a good plastic temperature zone. So it needs high flash speed, upsetting speed and forging pressure, tungsten copper material is more suitable.


1. The connection of the workpiece: for example, steel, profiles, wire, steel, rail, boiler steel pipe, oil and gas pipelines and other welding;
2. Butt welding of ring parts: for example, the welding of automobile rims and bicycles, motorcycle wheel rims, butt welding of various links;
3. Assembly welding of components: Simple rolling, forging, stamping or machining parts welded into complex parts to reduce costs. Such as the direction of the car axle housing and rear axle shell of the welding, all kinds of connecting rod, the rod of the welding, welding and other special parts;
4. Dissimilar metal butt welding: can save precious metals, improve product performance. For example, tool of the working part (high-speed steel) and the tail (in the carbon steel) of the welding, internal combustion engine exhaust valve head (heat-resistant steel) and the tail (structural steel) of the welding, aluminum and copper conductive joints welding.

tungsten copper lightning rod picturetungsten copper lightning rod picture

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