Tungsten Copper Contact for Electronic


Tungsten copper contact for electronic has excellent wear and corrosion resistance and mainly used for controlling electron motion in vacuum, air or solid. So it has a wide range of application, such as electronic components, connectors, semiconductor discrete devices, electro-acoustic devices, laser devices, electronic display devices, optoelectronic devices, sensors, power supplies, switches and other electronic chemical materials and parts.


1. Wedge-type Contact: By the use of double-headed bolt sets of spring pressure in the conductive seat on the pairs of contact and wedge-shaped contact block composition, the general wedge-shaped contact block as a moving contact. When the moving contact is contacting with the static contact, the contact surface will be cleaned by the friction. Its high electric stability, self-cleaning effect, increase the number of contacts and wedges may increase the rated current, but also increased the size of the horizontal, so the assembly is difficult;
2. Insert-type Contact: Static contact is composed of multiple trapezoidal fingers. There are two types of flexible conductive sheet and non-flexible conductive sheet. A flexible conductive piece of the socket, a finger on the groove, groove embedded in the insulating sleeve, into the coil spring, in order to ensure that the finger on the conductive rod pressure, the other end of the spring ring support, along the conductive rod (moving contact) around to adjust the touch finger position slightly.


China's electronic components production has accounted for more than 39% of the world. The major products include capacitors, resistors, electro-acoustic devices, magnetic materials, piezoelectric quartz crystal, micro-motor, electronic transformers, printed circuit boards. So tungsten copper contact for electronic also has a lot of the demands. With the expanding scale of China's electronic information industry, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Bay region, part of the central and western regions of the four major electronic information industry base initially formed. These areas of electronic information enterprise concentration, the industry chain is more complete, with considerable size and supporting capacity. However, there are some problems in electronic components industry, such as excess low-end products, and high-end products mainly rely on imports; lack of core technology, low product profits; inadequate investment for technology development.

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