Copper Tungsten Roto Tube

Copper Tungsten Roto Tube Description

1, Tungsten copper Alloy (WCu)
2, Class: Round tube and Square tube
3, OD: 3.0mm to 380 mm;
4, Length: max 1000 mm;
5, Wall thickness: min 0.3 mm
All can be produced as the requirements of customers.
Copper tungsten roto tube has the ability to provide stable cutting in carbide and other refractory metals. It is most widely used to machine tungsten carbide when fine surface finishes are required. Thin sheets, small diameter rods, and tubing are all 60/40 (60% Tungsten, 40% copper) composition. Plates, round bars and square bars are 70/30 (70% tungsten, 30% copper) composition.

Pictures about copper tungsten roto tube:

copper tungsten roto tube picturetungsten copper roto tube photocopper tungsten roto tubes picturetungsten copper roto tubes picture

Copper tungsten roto tube, to make the center inner hole in the copper tungsten rod is a big challenge. But compare to copper, it is very hard to machining especially drilling the straight and precise inner hole. Copper tungsten is better EDM material in making the deep slots without burr issue. We successfully develop unique technology to produce copper tungsten roto tube as the flush hole which can bring the slim slots EMD drilling to the high level.
EDM drilling the deep and slim hole need copper tungsten roto tube which allows high-pressure flush forces the eroded material to leave the hole quickly, enabling deeper holes to be made

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