Tungsten Copper Lightening Rod


Tungsten copper lightning rod used to protect buildings, tall trees and other devices to avoid lightning. It connects the grounded drain network with compliant conductor by lightning stripper at the top of the protected object.


1. Direct tungsten copper lightening rod: For petrochemical storage, radio and television, gas stations, construction buildings, beacon, communications base stations, weather stations, military bases, radar room, the bank building;
2. Special tungsten copper lightening rod: It is applicable to higher building microwave communication station, radar base station, beacon station, communication base station, military base, radar room, bank building, astronomical weather station and other important places;
3. Pre-discharge tungsten copper lightning rod: When the lightning rod to receive lightning, flashing through the lightning wave processing device, using the shell and the center ground rod has a gap of 3mm, constitute a coupling capacitor. At the same time the housing is grounded through an inductor coil (center ground rod). When the down-lead is close to the flashover, the inductance is open due to the extremely high frequency.


1. Between the independent lightning rod and the object to be protected should be not less than 5m distance, so as to avoid lightning strike. Independent of the lightning rod should be set up an independent grounding device, and the ground between the network distances of not less than 3m;
2. 35kV and below the high-voltage power distribution unit structure and the roof should not be installed lightning rod. Installed in the framework of the lightning rod should be connected with the grounding network, and installation of centralized grounding device;
3. Lightning rod and grounding device from the road and exit distance should be larger than 3m, or should be paved gravel or asphalt surface 5 ~ 8cm thickness, to prevent the person from step-by-step voltage hazards;
4. Transformer door-type structure should not be installed on the lightning rod.

tungsten copper lightning rod picturetungsten copper lightning rod picture

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