Nano AlN Effect on W-Cu Composite Material Conductivity

W-Cu composite material usually is used in electrical processing, electrical contacting fields, so that its thermal and electrical conductivity are the most important properties. The capability of current conduction is called as conductivity. Different proportion tungsten copper has different conductivity, which higher Cu content rod has higher electrical conductivity. Usually use σ to represent its conductivity. Tungsten copper thermal conductivity is that when the vertical temperature gradient down 1 ℃ / m, the heat through unit horizontal cross-sectional area per unit time passes, which is represented by λ or K.

For thermal conductivity, nano AlN particle does not harm to TC, and the density of the materials remain at a high level, while AlN has a higher thermal conductivity at the nano scale. So based on high density of the material, nano AlN will promote the thermal conductivity improvement. On the contrary, with the increase of AlN content, the resistivity of tungsten copper composite increases and the electrical conductivity decreases. This is because the electrical conductivity of AlN is lower than that of tungsten and copper in the matrix, and the increase in the content of AlN inevitably leads to an increase in resistivity, or decrease in the electrical conductivity. In addition, with the content of AlN increased, the density of materials decreased, especially in the amount of ≥ 2%, the decline in density is particularly evident.

tungsten copper electrode picturetungsten copper rod picture

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