50W50Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy

50W50Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Properties

2、Density:11.85 g/cm3
3、Conductivity:54 IACS%
4、Hardness:>115 HB

50W50Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Material

50W50Cu tungsten copper alloy is an alloy made of 55% tungsten and 45% copper composition. Preparation of alloy powder metallurgy method has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good high temperature strength and certain plasticity. At very high temperatures, such as above 3000 ℃, the alloy of copper is liquefied and evaporated to absorb a lot of heat, reducing the surface temperature, so these materials are also referred to as metal sweat material.

50W50Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Application

Advanced EDM electrode materials: tungsten steel (alloy), the high temperature super-hard alloy dies to be produced by electrical erosion, the common electrode wear big and slow. Resistant tungsten and copper corrosion, high speed, low loss rate, precise electrode shape, excellent processing performance, to ensure the accuracy greatly improve the parts to be machined.

Advanced welding electrode materials: combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, electric arc ablation, high intensity, than the major, conductive, thermal conductivity, easy cutting, and has features such as transpiration cooling, due to the high hardness with a tungsten, high melting point, anti-adhesion characteristics, often used to do a certain wear resistance, high temperature concave welding, touch welding, welding electrodes.

Advanced electronic packaging materials: both tungsten low expansion characteristics, but also has high thermal conductivity properties of copper, the thermal expansion coefficient - and electrical and thermal conductivity can be varied by adjusting the composition of the material, giving the use of materials facilitated.

High-voltage discharge electrode material: High-voltage vacuum discharges tube at work, the contact material in a fraction of a second temperature a few degrees Celsius known resistant tungsten-copper high ablation resistance, high toughness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity to provide the necessary stable discharge conditions.

50W50Cu Tungsten Copper Plate Common Specifications (Unit: mm)













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