Tungsten Copper Military Nozzle


Tungsten copper military nozzle is kind of device accelerating air by changing the shape of inner wall, which has high hardness, high strength, high softening temperature, low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent arc breaking performance. So it plays an important role in military high temperature and spiral accelerated pipeline.

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Tungsten copper military nozzle has many types, according to the specific performance of aircraft and engine, it can be specifically divided into fixed or adjustable convergent nozzle, convergent-diffused nozzle, eject nozzle and adjustable nozzle, etc. Convergent nozzle: sectional area of the flow direction gradually reducing, in large mach flying, incomplete expansion will cause great loss of thrust;
Convergent-diffused nozzle: also known as Laval nozzle, is a kind of nozzle cross-sectional area diffuses after convergent, mainly used in supersonic fighter, the critical area and exit area are required to fly with the state regulation;
Eject nozzle: consists of adjustable convergent main nozzle and a fixed or adjustable ejector. It is light and has simple structure, can maintain good performance over a wide range of flight, it has been widely used in many high performance aircraft;
Adjustable nozzle: mainly used for high-speed flight afterburning turbojet aircraft or military afterburning turbofan engine. Easy to adjust nozzle area ratio, may vary with flight conditions, and often in a fully expanded state. Structure type balanced rod, folding, folding petal sleeve cone and so on.


Tungsten copper military nozzle expansion accelerated as the airflow at a high speed jet and counter productive outward thrust. Most high-speed fighter uses adjustable nozzle and adjustable convergence-diffusion nozzle or ejector nozzle; common fixed convergent rocket engine-diffusion nozzle; vertical or short takeoff and landing aircraft using commutation nozzle. In addition, In the ASRM (Advanced Solid Rocket Motor) the front nozzle is also used tungsten copper material.

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