Tungsten Copper Lightening Gap Electrode

Tungsten copper lightening gap electrode is composed of two electrodes, which one of the electrodes is fixed on the insulator, connected with the charged wire, and the other electrode is connected with the grounding device through the auxiliary gap, and the gap between the two electrodes is kept at a specified gap. According to different shapes, it can be divided into rod-shaped, ball-shaped and angle type. Rod-type gap of the volt-second characteristics, difficult to cooperate with the insulation properties of equipment; ball-shaped gap has volt-second characteristics of the most flat, protective performance is also good, but it is the same with the rod-shaped gap. The shortcomings of burn gap distance increases, can not guarantee the accuracy of action; angle gap discharge, the arc will quickly move up along the horns and elongated, so easy to self-arc, the gap will not be serious burnt. So recently angle gap has been widely used in distribution lines and distribution equipment for lightning protection.

Under normal circumstances, the protection gap on the ground is insulated, and the insulation strength is lower than the level of insulation of the protection line, so when the line was struck by lightning, the protection gap was first due to over-voltage breakdown, a large number of lightning current leakage Into the earth, so that a significant drop in over-voltage, which play a important role in protective line and electrical equipment. In addition, it not only can prevent electrode and circuit from heating or deformation, but also can be reliable to cut off the follow-up current, to ensure the safety of the circuit.

tungsten copper lightening gap electrode picturetungsten copper lightening gap electrode picturetungsten copper lightening gap electrode picture

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