85W15Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy

85W15Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Properties


85W15Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy

85W15Cu Tungsten copper alloy electrode is a two-phase structure fake tungsten alloy, composed mainly of copper, metal matrix composites. Due to the physical properties of copper and tungsten are quite different, and therefore can not be produced using the casting method, commonly used technology for the production of alloy powder.

85W15Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Application

1, High-Performance Materials For Aerospace
Tungsten copper material with a high density, transpiration cooling performance, high temperature strength and resistance to erosion ablation performance, rocket nozzle throat insert, gas rudder components, air rudder, hood and counterweight.

2, Vacuum Contact Materials
Contact material must have very good machining properties and thermal shock resistance, due to arcing and breaking contact, the contact material within a few tenths of a few thousand degrees Celsius temperature rise time. I produced 85W15Cu contact material due to its excellent physical properties and are widely used.
Advantages: High ablation resistance, high toughness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity. Good machining performance.

3, EDM Electrode
When EDM carbide products, due to the special nature of the loss W enable copper or graphite electrodes rather quickly, this material for EDM, 85W15Cu electrode Production Company is the most suitable.
Product properties: corrosion, high speed, low loss rate, the exact shape of the electrode, excellent workability, is a good surface quality of the workpiece WC.
Product Type: rods, plates

4, Electronic Packaging Materials
85W15Cu electronic packaging materials, both low expansion characteristics have tungsten, but also has high thermal conductivity properties of copper, especially valuable is that its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be designed by adjusting components of the material and thus to the application with the material to a great convenience. We use high quality raw materials of high purity, gold wide, by press molding, high temperature sintering and infiltration, the excellent performance of 85W15Cu electronic packaging materials and heat sink material. Applies to a high-power device package of materials, such as the substrate, the lower electrode and the like; a high-performance lead frame.
Advantages: a substrate having a different coefficient of thermal expansion match, and high thermal conductivity; excellent high temperature stability and uniformity; excellent processing performance.

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