Tungsten Copper Specific Structure Method


Tungsten copper specific structure is also called as fixed structure, which is beneficial for improving tungsten copper performance and design the special component according to the condition. The current use of more hollow type tungsten copper electrical contacts, has low ablation and long service life.


1. Gradient structure tungsten copper: One end is the high tungsten low copper, the other end is the high copper low tungsten, the middle is the gradient change transitional layer;
2. Nano structure tungsten copper: Ultra-fine tungsten-copper composite powder with high homogeneity distribution can be obtained by mixing metal tungsten powder and copper powder by high-energy ball milling for long time grinding;
3. Deformation processing tungsten copper: Cold rolling deformation, and has middle annealing in deformation processing, extrusion, hot forging and cold forging;
4. Tungsten copper for vacuum: In order to meet the needs of vacuum switch, the development of a very low gas impurity tungsten copper alloy materials, using special high-temperature sintering, vacuum infiltration, vacuum degassing and other processes.

tungsten copper products picturetungsten copper products picture

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