Tungsten Copper Notice

Make sure that the product is not defective, cracked or other abnormal condition before opening. Besides, tungsten copper notice includes cutting process, electric discharge machining, wire cutting and electroplating processing.

Cutting process: Tungsten copper in the production of sharp angle wave wall may be due to impact or excessive processing load occurred and lack of machining. In the process of drilling, it should be noticed that avoid the lack of processing by feed load force before drilling hole.

Electric discharge machining, wire cutting: Tungsten copper and silver tungsten have lower speed in electric discharging and wire cutting process.

Electroplating processing: Avoid using strong acid and strong alkaline for cleaning before electroplating process in case of the falling of metal particles and the poor effect of plating.

In addition, In accordance with GB / T8320-2003 standards, tungsten copper and silver tungsten alloy products hole inspection with 10 times the magnifying glass examination, in any field of view (100 × X), allowing three or greater than equal to 100μm and less than 200μm aggregates, or greater than or equal to 50 μ m but less than 80μ m.

tungsten copper block picture

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