Tungsten Copper Rod Proportion

Tungsten copper rod has both advantages of W and Cu, such as high hardness, high strength, excellent conductivity and wear or corrosion resistance. According to different content of W and Cu, tungsten copper rod proportion or grades include W50、W55、W60、W65、W70、W75、W80、W85、W90, etc. And different proportion has different applications.


W50 tungsten copper mainly used in relays, high voltage switches, circuit breakers and other higher demands of electrical and thermal conductivity, arc erosion resistance.


Tungsten copper W60 rod used as the electrode of high voltage discharge, the temperature of contact material will increase to thousands degrees Celsius in a very short time, which provides the essentials for discharge tube working steady.


Tungsten copper W70 rod belongs to refractory metal and has excellent mechanical strength and anti-arc ablation capability so that it can be used for vacuum contacts, transformer switch and some electrical forging industries.


Tungsten copper W80 can be used as rocket, missile and other components with high temperature and high-speed airflow ablation, such as gas vane, spray tube, throat insert, nose cone and so on.


With deeper study and development of tungsten copper W90 rod, it can be used in heavy load sliding friction and high rotating speed seals, which has special requirements of non-magnetic, low expansion, high modulus of elasticity and shielding performance.

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