W-Cu/AlN Composite XRD Analysis

XRD (X-ray Diffraction), we can obtain the content, the structure or shape of internal atom or molecule by analyzing the spectrum. X-ray is a very short wavelength (about 20 ~ 0.06 angstroms) of electromagnetic waves, can penetrate a certain thickness of the material, and can make fluorescent substances, photographic emulsion photosensitive, gas ionization. In X-rays generated by electron beam bombardment of metal "target", X-rays having specific wavelengths corresponding to various elements in the target are referred to as characteristic (or identified) X-rays.

Compared with the XRD spectrum of W-Cu and W-Cu/AlN after hot pressing sintering, we can found that W, Cu diffraction peak intensity was significantly increased, the width narrowed, which indicates W and Cu particle grows up in the sintering process. After sintering under the same conditions, the diffraction peak intensity of W and Cu in the sintered body added with nano-AlN particles is lower than that of the sintered body without AlN particles added. It is reason that Nano crystalline AlN particles can effectively inhibit the growth of W and Cu grains during sintering. Therefore, nano AlN can further promote the structure characteristic of W-Cu composite materials and effectively reduce the particle size through XRD analysis.

tungsten copper product picturetungsten copper product picture

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