Tungsten Copper Military Sheet


Tungsten copper military sheet is also called as heat sink plate, which has high thermal conductivity and excellent hermeticity. It has a broad prospect in RF, microwave, high power diode and other military fields.

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Grade Proportion(wt%) Mass Density(g/cm3) Relative Density(%T.D) CTE(ppm/K) Thermal Conductivity(W/m·K)
W90Cu 90±1 17.0 ≥99 5.6-6.5 180-190
W85Cu 85±1 16.3 ≥99 6.3-7.0 190-200
W80Cu 80±1 15.4 ≥99 7.6-9.1 200-220


Except high-temperature liquid phase sintering, infiltration, activated liquid phase sintering, mechanical alloying and co-reduction, tungsten copper composite materials can be also manufactured by hot hydrostatic extrusion, electrolysis, plasma spraying, rapid directional solidification and sol-gel method. Hot hydrostatic extrusion: On completion of four-post hydraulic machine, mold using three sets of combination of prestressed die, while using the outer heating coil and ceramic heating tube mold preheating;
Electrolysis: Electrolysis adopted in accordance with a certain proportion of NaCl, KCl, Na2WO4 and CuO4 mixed solution as graphite electrodes, continuous electrolysis 3h. The electrolysis products out into distilled water after boiling, by adding an appropriate amount of NaOH solution soak give the final product after filtration and drying;
Plasma Spraying: to strengthen the material surface and the new multi-purpose precision spraying surface modification technology in the field of tungsten copper electronic packaging material has broad application prospects;
Rapid directional solidification: produce specific temperature gradient between solidifying metal and non-metal solidification, and make alloys in a wide range of solubility solidification, high solid phase alloying elements to obtain content and grain refinement significantly fewer microscopic segregation;
Sol-gel method: metal alkoxides and their compounds as raw materials, under certain conditions hydrolysis medium and catalyst - the polycondensation reaction solution into a gel, and then by drying and heat treatment to obtain synthetic materials.

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